Hi!  My name is Sweetie.  Until January of 2003, though, I didn't have a name or even a home.  For more than two years I lived in the parking lot of a trucking company near Dayton, Ohio.  The truckers would leave me food, but I was afraid of people and wouldn't let anyone get near.  One nice man brought me food every day on his way to work.  When it rained, I would hide under the trailers to try to stay dry.  Winters were the worst, with no dog house and no place to get in out of the cold.  Many nights it was below zero and windy, but I survived, somehow!   It was a lonely life, though, for sure!

One bitterly cold, snowy day in January turned out to be the luckiest day of my life!  A trap was set for me, with fried liver inside -- my favorite!  I was taken to a strange house, and was sure something terrible was going to happen to me!  Instead, I was given a bath, all the food I wanted and a nice, WARM bed to sleep on!  What a change from the cold macadam I was used to!

Today I live in a real home, with a Mom and Dad who think I am very special and give me lots of hugs and TREATS!  There are three other dogs living here, all formerly abandoned dogs like me.  We have a great time playing together, chasing squirrels and barking at people going by on bicycles.  Russ, the man who fed me in the parking lot for two years, now stops in often to see me and to visit with all us dogs.  Mom made this website for me so my trucker friends can see how happy I am in my new home.

My life is good now!  I have a job (guarding the house), and other dog friends to run and play with in a big yard.  Whenever it gets cold and windy outside, Mom reminds me how I used to have to sleep out on the bare pavement in bad weather.  Now, I have my own soft, warm bed, but during the day I like to get up on Mom and Dad's big bed and rearrange their covers for them!

May 24, 2004